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3 days r/4964 chore(tvix/eval): mark coerce_value_to_path as intentionally unusedVincent Ambo1-0/+1
4 days r/4963 feat(tvix/eval): implement 'builtins.filter'Vincent Ambo4-1/+44
4 days r/4962 fix(tvix/eval): manually count entries in recursive scopesVincent Ambo4-4/+14
4 days r/4961 feat(tvix/eval): add builtins.stringLengthsterni3-0/+16
4 days r/4960 fix(tvix/eval): handle thunks in arithmetic builtinssterni10-28/+32
4 days r/4959 test(tvix/eval): add a test for accessing "strange" identifiersVincent Ambo2-0/+9
4 days r/4958 fix(tvix/eval): support string identifiers in inheritsVincent Ambo7-78/+135
4 days r/4957 test(tvix/eval): test word behavior in builtins.compareVersionssterni2-1/+6
4 days r/4955 feat(tvix/eval): Support builtins.lessThanWilliam Carroll4-14/+42
5 days r/4954 feat(tvix/eval): Sketch out impure builtinsGriffin Smith3-3/+23
5 days r/4953 refactor(tvix/eval): drop empty Word version cmp rulesterni1-4/+0
5 days r/4952 test(tvix/eval): add more compareVersions test cases involving presterni2-1/+7
5 days r/4951 test(tvix/eval): add more compareVersions cases from C++ Nixsterni2-1/+15
5 days r/4950 fix(tvix/eval): compare versions with an extra empty componentsterni2-2/+17
5 days r/4949 fix(tvix/eval): implement C++ Nix version part comparison algorithmsterni1-1/+37
5 days r/4948 test(tvix/eval): add test cases for builtins.splitVersionsterni2-0/+14
5 days r/4947 fix(tvix/eval/versions): preserve the Number string exactlysterni2-6/+5
5 days r/4946 fix(tvix/eval/versions): dash is a divider, not underscoresterni1-1/+1
5 days r/4945 feat(tvix/eval): implement builtins.splitVersionsterni1-1/+16
6 days r/4944 feat(tvix/eval): track other type in NotCallable error kindVincent Ambo2-6/+9
6 days r/4943 refactor(tvix/eval): add VM::call_value helper methodVincent Ambo5-34/+32
6 days r/4942 test(tvix/eval): Make proptests a bit smallerGriffin Smith2-4/+4
6 days r/4941 feat(tvix/eval): implement builtins.mapVincent Ambo4-1/+43
6 days r/4940 chore(tvix/eval): clean up this one weird trick ...Vincent Ambo1-3/+0
6 days r/4939 refactor(tvix/eval): Define a Compiler::new functionGriffin Smith1-27/+39
7 days r/4938 test(tvix/eval): assert flipped compareVersions behaves correctlysterni1-10/+19
7 days r/4937 fix(tvix/eval): force condition of an assertsterni3-0/+9
7 days r/4936 fix(tvix/eval): make sure to deref thunk in type predicate builtinssterni3-18/+63
7 days r/4933 fix(tvix/eval): make sure to force before selecting in catAttrssterni3-5/+17
7 days r/4932 refactor(tvix/eval/builtins): avoid unnecessary poppingsterni1-8/+4
7 days r/4931 refactor(tvix/eval): don't unnecessarily force in toStringsterni1-1/+2
7 days r/4928 feat(tvix/eval): Support builtins.getAttrWilliam Carroll3-0/+18
7 days r/4927 feat(tvix/eval): Support builtins.hasAttrWilliam Carroll3-0/+16
8 days chore(gerrit): migrate OWNERS files to code-owners styleLuke Granger-Brown1-7/+7
8 days r/4920 fix(tvix/eval): move compareVersions test so cargo test finds themsterni3-1/+1
8 days r/4919 fix(tvix/eval): fix flipped sign in builtins.compareVersionssterni1-2/+2
8 days r/4918 refactor(tvix/eval): handle forcing in Builtin::applysterni2-62/+58
8 days r/4917 feat(tvix/eval): Support builtins.tailWilliam Carroll4-0/+21
8 days r/4916 feat(tvix/eval): Support builtins.substringWilliam Carroll4-0/+61
8 days r/4915 chore(tvix/eval): add rustfmt to the shellsterni1-0/+1
8 days r/4914 refactor(tvix/eval): Simplify forcing in builtinsGriffin Smith2-97/+90
8 days r/4913 fix(tvix/eval): ensure all thunks are forced in nested selectsVincent Ambo3-2/+10
8 days r/4912 docs(tvix/eval): Document OpAttrsGriffin Smith1-0/+4
8 days r/4911 refactor(tvix/eval): use Clap for arg+env parsingGriffin Smith8-28/+167
8 days r/4910 fix(tvix/eval): Force thunks during equality comparisonGriffin Smith3-5/+20
8 days r/4909 chore(tvix/eval): Pass in VM to nix_eqGriffin Smith5-20/+55
8 days r/4908 refactor(tvix/eval): Don't (ab)use PartialEq for Nix equalityGriffin Smith11-118/+196
8 days r/4907 refactor(tvix/eval): clone the Arc<codemap::File> for the compilerVincent Ambo4-10/+11
8 days r/4906 test(tvix/eval): Add Eq-laws tests for NixAttrsGriffin Smith1-0/+11
8 days r/4905 test(tvix/eval): Add tests for the Eq laws of ValueGriffin Smith2-0/+23