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56 min. HEAD r/5381 canon feat(sterni/aoc/2022): day03 solutionsterni1-0/+8
3 hours r/5380 fix(ops/pipelines): limit concurrency of :llama:Vincent Ambo1-0/+2
3 hours r/5379 feat(tvix/eval): Continue removing leakage of BTreeMap.Lyle Mantooth4-52/+40
15 hours r/5378 feat(sterni/aoc/2022): day02 k solutionsterni1-0/+1
22 hours r/5377 feat(sterni/aoc/2022): day02 solutionsterni1-0/+7
26 hours r/5376 feat(tazjin/predlozhnik): add послеVincent Ambo1-0/+1
26 hours r/5375 feat(tvix/eval): impl FromIterator for NixAttrsLyle Mantooth2-52/+64
26 hours r/5374 test(tvix/eval): check inner forcing despite declaring pointersterni2-0/+12
26 hours r/5373 test(tvix/eval): add a test for repeated keys in listToAttrsVincent Ambo2-0/+14
26 hours r/5372 fix(sterni/machines/edwin): set default branch for depotsterni1-1/+2
26 hours r/5371 chore(3p/sources): Bump channels & overlayssterni1-18/+18
26 hours r/5370 chore(web/converse): bump all dependencies within boundsVincent Ambo1-114/+313
27 hours r/5369 test(tvix/eval): verify pointer equality checkssterni2-0/+47
27 hours r/5368 test(tvix/eval): verify pointer equality in list comparisonssterni3-0/+8
27 hours r/5367 feat(tvix/eval): inline(always) tail_call_valueAdam Joseph1-0/+1
27 hours r/5366 feat(tvix/eval): crude caching builtins.importAdam Joseph2-7/+20
38 hours r/5365 refactor(sterni/aoc/2022): use scan in BQN/ksterni2-5/+4
41 hours r/5364 feat(sterni/aoc/2022): day01 solutionssterni4-3/+40
41 hours r/5363 feat(sterni/exercises/aoc/2022): add basic scaffoldingsterni5-1/+81
41 hours r/5362 chore(sterni/exercises/aoc): split out utils into a library of sortssterni2-8/+9
41 hours r/5361 feat(sterni/machines/edwin): mirror some repos I'm involved insterni1-2/+21
41 hours r/5360 feat(sterni/machines/edwin): automatically sync repos with githubsterni2-8/+101
45 hours r/5359 fix(wpcarro/emacs): Require prelude in keyboard.elWilliam Carroll1-0/+1
45 hours r/5358 feat(wpcarro/emacs): Package emacs GUI for OSXWilliam Carroll2-14/+66
2 days r/5357 feat(ops/users): add IslandUsurper to users.Lyle Mantooth1-0/+5
2 days r/5356 feat(tvix/eval): placeholder for builtins.placeholderAdam Joseph1-0/+7
2 days r/5355 feat(tvix/eval): impl Default for AttrsRepAdam Joseph1-1/+7
3 days r/5354 feat(tvix/eval): From<Rc<Vec<Value>>> for NixListAdam Joseph1-0/+6
4 days r/5353 chore(tazjin/nixos): set laptop timezone to Europe/MoscowVincent Ambo1-1/+1
4 days r/5352 chore(tazjin/zamalek): remove zerotier & tailscale from configVincent Ambo1-2/+0
5 days r/5351 feat(wpcarro/emacs): Delete laptop-battery.elWilliam Carroll2-71/+7
5 days r/5350 feat(tvix/eval): implement equality on derivationsAdam Joseph1-0/+32
5 days r/5349 feat(tvix/eval): add CoercionKind::ThunksOnlyAdam Joseph2-4/+12
5 days r/5348 feat(wpcarro/emacs): Delete device.elWilliam Carroll3-67/+1
5 days r/5347 feat(wpcarro/emacs): Package theme.elWilliam Carroll5-87/+106
6 days r/5346 fix(tvix/eval): implement function/thunk ptr-equality for list ordAdam Joseph1-1/+1
6 days r/5345 feat(tvix/eval): non-recursive implementation of nix_eq()Adam Joseph4-34/+133
6 days r/5344 feat(sterni/machines/edwin): categorize by project state in cgitsterni1-35/+57
6 days r/5343 fix(tazjin/zamalek): disable tap-to-clickVincent Ambo1-0/+1
6 days r/5342 feat(tazjin/emacs): add german-qwerty input methodVincent Ambo1-0/+42
7 days r/5341 feat(tvix/eval): add --raw flag to eval, like cppnixAdam Joseph2-2/+16
7 days r/5340 feat(tvix/eval): use backtrace-on-stack-overflow crateAdam Joseph3-116/+238
7 days r/5339 fix(tvix/eval): OpAdd must weakly stringify if either arg is stringAdam Joseph3-1/+20
7 days r/5338 feat(sterni/machines/edwin): activate headcounter binary cachesterni1-1/+11
7 days r/5337 feat(sterni/machines/edwin): enable btrfs autoscrubsterni2-0/+26
7 days r/5336 feat(sterni/machines): add edwinsterni18-0/+693
7 days r/5335 feat(sterni/lv): interim gopher pagesterni2-0/+117
7 days r/5334 feat(sterni/modules): module for fabric minecraft serverssterni2-0/+428
7 days r/5333 feat(sterni/external): add likely-musicsterni2-0/+23
7 days r/5332 feat(3p): add napalmsterni2-0/+19