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canonrefactor(3p/lisp/mime4cl): replace babel with flexi-streamssterni2 hours
subtree-stagingNote recommended use of 'or' in override patternsVincent Ambo16 months
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2 hours HEAD r/6063 canon refactor(3p/lisp/mime4cl): replace babel with flexi-streamssterni3-7/+5
2 hours r/6062 feat(sterni/emacs): disable warning 8 (dash len) in chktex flycheckssterni2-1/+16
4 hours r/6061 fix(tools/releases): add :unsign to filteredGitPushFlorian Klink1-2/+2
4 hours r/6060 refactor(tvix/nix-compat): move build_store_path out of derivationFlorian Klink10-155/+176
4 hours r/6059 refactor(tvix/nix-compat): use Sha256::new_with_prefixFlorian Klink1-2/+1
4 hours r/6058 refactor(tvix/nix-compat): drop is_derivation in build_store_pathFlorian Klink2-12/+7
4 hours r/6057 refactor(tvix/nix-compat): add text_hash_string functionFlorian Klink4-60/+58
5 hours r/6056 refactor(tvix/nix-compat): move HashAlgo to separate fileFlorian Klink3-38/+42
5 hours r/6055 refactor(tvix/nix-compat): move NixHashWithMode into separate fileFlorian Klink3-108/+114
30 hours r/6054 fix(ops/www): allow all indexing on cl.tvl.fyiVincent Ambo1-0/+4