BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
canonfix(gs/mugwump): Add missing scheme to grafana datasourceGriffin Smith3 days
subtree-stagingSquashed 'third_party/immer/' content from commit ad3e3556dVincent Ambo3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysfix(gs/mugwump): Add missing scheme to grafana datasourceHEADcanonGriffin Smith1-1/+1
3 daysfeat(gs/mugwump): Only run nix GC monthlyGriffin Smith1-0/+2
3 daysrefactor(gs/mugwump): Only one buildkite builderGriffin Smith1-1/+2
3 daysfeat(gs/system): Only enable remote builders on chupacabraGriffin Smith2-25/+25
3 daysfeat(gs/home): Add script to rebuild mugwumpGriffin Smith1-0/+10
3 daysfeat(gs/emacs): Enable luaGriffin Smith1-1/+1
4 daysfeat(tvl-slapd): add etu to slapdElis Hirwing1-0/+5
6 daysfix(tvl-ebooks): Update code to bring up to date with realityBen Cartwright-Cox1-16/+66
6 daysfeat(web/tvl): Add graph nodes for AfRA & friendsVincent Ambo1-0/+8
6 daysfeat(web/tvl): Accommodate the passage of time in TVL's graphVincent Ambo1-17/+15