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canonfix(tvix/eval): use normal thunking behavior for default in formalssterni5 hours
subtree-stagingUse `active-minibuffer-window' rather than `minibuffer-window'Adrián Medraño Calvo7 months
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5 hours HEAD r/6244 canon fix(tvix/eval): use normal thunking behavior for default in formalssterni2-9/+7
5 hours r/6243 fix(tvix/eval): type check function argument with set patternsterni5-0/+18
5 hours r/6242 refactor(tvix/eval): don't track idx twice in compile_param_patternsterni1-9/+7
24 hours r/6241 feat(grfn/gws.fyi): Link to bluesky profileGriffin Smith1-0/+1
24 hours r/6240 fix(grfn/system): Set docker storageDriver on mugwumpGriffin Smith1-1/+4
31 hours r/6239 feat(docs): mention OIDC providers in registration instructionsLinus Heckemann1-2/+4
32 hours r/6238 chore(corp/rih): bootstrap backend application with rouilleVincent Ambo4-0/+905
32 hours r/6237 chore(corp/rih): move frontend to a separate folderVincent Ambo11-0/+0
32 hours r/6236 feat(corp/rih): submit form data to backendVincent Ambo4-3/+74
32 hours r/6235 feat(corp/rih): activate submit button when data is completeVincent Ambo2-1/+14