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canonfeat(tvix/eval): add --raw flag to eval, like cppnixAdam Joseph5 hours
subtree-stagingNote recommended use of 'or' in override patternsVincent Ambo12 months
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5 hours HEAD r/5341 canon feat(tvix/eval): add --raw flag to eval, like cppnixAdam Joseph2-2/+16
7 hours r/5340 feat(tvix/eval): use backtrace-on-stack-overflow crateAdam Joseph3-116/+238
7 hours r/5339 fix(tvix/eval): OpAdd must weakly stringify if either arg is stringAdam Joseph3-1/+20
11 hours r/5338 feat(sterni/machines/edwin): activate headcounter binary cachesterni1-1/+11
11 hours r/5337 feat(sterni/machines/edwin): enable btrfs autoscrubsterni2-0/+26
11 hours r/5336 feat(sterni/machines): add edwinsterni18-0/+693
11 hours r/5335 feat(sterni/lv): interim gopher pagesterni2-0/+117
11 hours r/5334 feat(sterni/modules): module for fabric minecraft serverssterni2-0/+428
11 hours r/5333 feat(sterni/external): add likely-musicsterni2-0/+23
11 hours r/5332 feat(3p): add napalmsterni2-0/+19