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canonchore(3p/teleirc): use TVL fork temporarilyVincent Ambo37 hours
subtree-stagingSimplify and improve focus handling (#10)Steven Allen4 months
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37 hours HEAD r/8178 canon chore(3p/teleirc): use TVL fork temporarilyVincent Ambo1-3/+3
41 hours r/8177 fix(fun/clbot): address sprintf warningFlorian Klink1-1/+1
2 days r/8176 fix(tvix/eval/nix_search_path): gate tests on impure featureFlorian Klink1-0/+2
2 days r/8175 fix(tvix/eval/io): OsStringExt and std::fs::File import are impure-onlyFlorian Klink1-2/+4
2 days r/8174 fix(tvix/nix-compat): async nar reader requires wire featureFlorian Klink2-2/+2
2 days r/8173 fix(tvix/build): tonic-reflection feature needs castore with it tooFlorian Klink2-2/+2
2 days r/8172 refactor(tvix/castore): move src/fs/test into fuse modFlorian Klink3-8/+9
2 days r/8171 feat(ops/modules): launch teleirc for Volga SprintVincent Ambo4-0/+49
2 days r/8170 feat(3p/teleirc): add derivation for irc<>tg bridgeVincent Ambo1-0/+23
2 days r/8169 feat(tvix): filter src via lib.filesetIlan Joselevich1-0/+60