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canonrefactor(tvix/castore/fs): use std::sync::MutexFlorian Klink28 min.
subtree-stagingSimplify and improve focus handling (#10)Steven Allen2 months
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28 min. HEAD r/7914 canon refactor(tvix/castore/fs): use std::sync::MutexFlorian Klink1-21/+24
28 min. r/7913 refactor(tvix/castore/fs): simplify some separate spawn and blocksFlorian Klink1-13/+6
28 min. r/7912 feat(tvix/castore/fs): support extended attributesFlorian Klink7-5/+227
36 hours r/7911 feat(tvix/nix-compat/path_info): derive Hash for ExportedPathInfoIlan Joselevich1-1/+1
45 hours r/7910 feat(tvix/castore/import): remove copying in find_ancestorFlorian Klink1-8/+2
45 hours r/7909 fix(tvix/eval): fix the `unsafeGetAttrPos` stub return valueRyan Lahfa1-1/+1
46 hours r/7908 fix(tvix): apply cbtemulator patch in tvix viewFlorian Klink2-2/+12
46 hours r/7907 feat(3p/nixpkgs): add additionalOverlays optional argFlorian Klink2-1/+5
46 hours r/7906 feat(tvix/*store/bigtable): limit retries connecting to cbtemulatorFlorian Klink2-2/+6
46 hours r/7905 feat(tvix/nix-compat/wire/bytes): add #[inline] for ensure_* funcsFlorian Klink2-0/+2