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canonfix(tvix/eval): fix the default case for path parsingVincent Ambo20 hours
subtree-stagingNote recommended use of 'or' in override patternsVincent Ambo15 months
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20 hours HEAD r/5837 canon fix(tvix/eval): fix the default case for path parsingVincent Ambo1-10/+4
20 hours r/5836 fix(tvix/cli): use tvlfyi/wu-manber fork for refscannerVincent Ambo4-43/+443
37 hours r/5835 feat(corp/tvixbolt): link to tvl.su tooFlorian Klink1-0/+11
37 hours r/5834 docs(corp/website): distinguish TVL LLC and TVLFlorian Klink1-2/+2
37 hours r/5833 chore(tvix/eval): only use Rc with impure featureFlorian Klink1-2/+3
38 hours r/5832 refactor(tvix/eval): wrap `Builtin` type in a BoxVincent Ambo1-20/+30
38 hours r/5831 refactor(tvix/eval): statically resolve select from constant attrsVincent Ambo3-50/+94
44 hours r/5830 docs(tvix): move mg shell command into one lineFlorian Klink1-2/+2
46 hours r/5829 test(tvix/cli): eval nixpkgs.stdenv in CI and assert that it matchesVincent Ambo1-2/+26
46 hours r/5828 fix(tvix/eval): ensure all evaluated thunks are correctly memoizedVincent Ambo5-51/+196