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2022-11-03 r/5232 chore(3p/sources): Bump channels & overlays (OpenSSL edition)sterni1-1/+4
2022-10-11 r/5106 fix(nix/buildGo): fix for Nix >= 2.6 readFile changessterni1-1/+4
2022-02-02 r/3740 fix(nix/buildGo): Use overrideAttrs to add metadataVincent Ambo1-5/+7
2022-01-31 r/3723 style: format entire depot with nixpkgs-fmtVincent Ambo4-65/+84
2022-01-17 r/3619 fix(3p): Move away from builtins.fetchGitVincent Ambo1-0/+2
2021-04-23 r/2535 feat(nix/buildGo): add the import position to errmsgProfpatsch2-11/+22
2021-02-24 r/2233 fix(buildGo): Fix stdlib list under Go 1.16.Luke Granger-Brown1-1/+1
2020-08-20 r/1683 feat(tools/depot-scanner): init projectKane York1-2/+2
2020-08-04 r/1580 chore: simplify buildGo expressionsedef1-3/+3
2020-08-04 r/1579 feat(nix/buildGo): use gopkg attribute of depsedef2-3/+3
2020-08-04 r/1578 feat(nix/buildGo): expose gopkg attribute on buildGo.packageedef1-7/+13
2020-07-17 r/1351 fix(nix/buildGo/example): use correct package nameKane York1-1/+1
2020-06-15 r/965 fix(nix/buildGo): Fix import of buildGo in example fileVincent Ambo1-1/+1
2020-06-13 r/928 fix(nix/buildGo/external): Properly match import path prefixesedef1-1/+1
2020-06-13 r/925 fix(nix/buildGo): Pass sane arguments to log.Fatalfedef1-1/+1
2020-05-25 r/848 fix(nix/buildGo): Do not silently ignore filepath.Walk() errorsVincent Ambo1-0/+4
2020-03-31 r/606 fix(nix/buildGo): Remove absolute references to GOROOT from binariesVincent Ambo1-0/+1
2020-01-29 r/471 docs(nix/buildLisp): Update the README with actual docsVincent Ambo1-1/+1
2020-01-24 r/454 chore(buildGo): use lib.optionalString where applicableedef1-1/+1
2019-12-20 r/237 chore: Significantly restructure folder layoutVincent Ambo10-0/+726