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This repository is the monorepo for the community around The Virus Lounge, containing our personal tools and infrastructure. Everything in here is built using Nix.

A large portion of the software here is very self-referential, meaning that it exists to sustain the operation of the repository. This is the case because we partially see this as an experiment in tooling for monorepos.



  • Source code is available primarily through Sourcegraph on cs.tvl.fyi, where it is searchable and even semantically indexed. A lower-tech view of the repository is also available via cgit-pink on code.tvl.fyi.

    The repository can be cloned using git from https://cl.tvl.fyi/depot.

  • All code in the depot, with the exception of code that is checked in to individual //users folders, needs to be reviewed. We use Gerrit on cl.tvl.fyi for this.

  • Issues are tracked via our own issue tracker on b.tvl.fyi. Its source code lives at //web/panettone/.

  • Smaller todo-list entries which do not warrant a separate issue are listed at todo.tvl.fyi.

  • We use Buildkite for CI. Recent builds are listed on tvl.fyi/builds and pipelines are configured dynamically via //ops/pipelines.

  • A search service that makes TVL services available via textual shortcuts is available: atward

All services that we host are deployed on NixOS machines that we manage. Their configuration is tracked in //ops/{modules,machines}.


  • //nix/readTree contains the Nix code which automatically registers projects in our Nix attribute hierarchy based on their in-tree location
  • //tools/nixery contains the source code of Nixery, a container registry that can build images ad-hoc from Nix packages
  • //nix/yants contains Yet Another Nix Type System, which we use for a variety of things throughout the repository
  • //nix/buildGo implements a Nix library that can build Go software in the style of Bazel's rules_go. Go programs in this repository are built using this library.
  • //nix/buildLisp implements a Nix library that can build Common Lisp software. Currently only SBCL is supported. Lisp programs in this repository are built using this library.
  • //web/blog and //web/atom-feed: A Nix-based static site generator which generates the web page and Atom feed for tazj.in (//users/tazjin/homepage) and tvl.fyi (//web/tvl)
  • //web/bubblegum contains a CGI-based web framework written in Nix.
  • //nix/nint: A shebang-compatible interpreter wrapper for Nix.
  • //tvix contains initial work towards a modular architecture for Nix.

We have a variety of other tools and libraries in the //nix folder which may be of interest.

Packages / Libraries

  • //net/alcoholic_jwt contains an easy-to-use JWT-validation library for Rust
  • //net/crimp contains a high-level HTTP client using cURL for Rust
  • //tools/emacs-pkgs contains various useful Emacs libraries, for example:
    • dottime.el provides dottime in the Emacs modeline
    • nix-util.el provides editing utilities for Nix files
    • term-switcher.el is an ivy-function for switching between vterm buffers
    • tvl.el provides helper functions for interacting with the TVL monorepo
  • //lisp/klatre provides a grab-bag utility library for Common Lisp

User packages

Contributors to the repository have user directories under //users, which can be used for personal or experimental code that does not require review.

Some examples:

  • //users/aspen/xanthous: A (WIP) TUI RPG, written in Haskell.
  • //users/tazjin/emacs: tazjin's Emacs & EXWM configuration
  • //users/tazjin/finito: A persistent finite-state machine library for Rust.


Unless otherwise stated in a subdirectory, all code is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


If you'd like to contribute to any of the tools in here, please check out the contribution guidelines and our code of conduct.

IRC users can find us in #tvl on hackint, which is also reachable via XMPP at #tvl@irc.hackint.org (sic!).

Hackint also provide a web chat.