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This repository is the monorepo for the community around tazjin's virus lounge, containing our personal tools and infrastructure. Everything in here is built using Nix.

If you've ended up here and have no idea who I am, feel free to follow me on Twitter.



  • tools/emacs contains my personal Emacs configuration (packages & config)
  • fun/aoc2019 contains solutions for a handful of Advent of Code 2019 challenges, before I ran out of interest
  • tools/blog_cli contains my tool for writing new blog posts and storing them in the DNS zone
  • tools/cheddar contains a source code and Markdown rendering tool that is integrated with my cgit instance to render files in various views
  • ops/kontemplate contains my Kubernetes resource templating tool (with which the services in this repository are deployed!)
  • ops/besadii contains a tool that runs as the git post-receive-hook on my git server to trigger builds on sourcehut.
  • third_party/nix contains my fork of the Nix package manager

Packages / Libraries

  • nix/buildGo implements a Nix library that can build Go software in the style of Bazel's rules_go. Go programs in this repository are built using this library.
  • nix/buildLisp implements a Nix library that can build Common Lisp software. Currently only SBCL is supported. Lisp programs in this repository are built using this library.
  • tools/emacs-pkgs contains various Emacs libraries that my Emacs setup uses, for example:
    • dottime.el provides dottime in the Emacs modeline
    • nix-util.el provides editing utilities for Nix files
    • term-switcher.el is an ivy-function for switching between vterm buffers
  • net/alcoholic_jwt contains an easy-to-use JWT-validation library for Rust
  • net/crimp contains a high-level HTTP client using cURL for Rust


Services in this repository are deployed on a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster using Nixery.

  • web/blog and web/homepage contain my blog and website setup (serving at tazj.in)
  • web/cgit-taz contains a slightly patched version of cgit that serves my git web interface at git.tazj.in
  • ops/journaldriver contains a small Rust daemon that can forward logs from journald to Stackdriver Logging


Presentations I've given in the past are in the presentations folder, these cover a variety of topics and some of them have links to recordings.

There's a few fun things in the fun/ folder, often with context given in the README. Check out my list of the best tools for example.


If you'd like to contribute to any of the tools in here, please check out the contribution guidelines.