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authorVincent Ambo <mail@tazj.in>2022-06-13T11·21+0000
committerclbot <clbot@tvl.fyi>2022-06-13T11·24+0000
commit7d4c826e3f7c11df1c2a606d93f212f46770a04f (patch)
parentf08383bd66281ff224e961a9411518175ef6eab0 (diff)
chore(tazjin/nixos): update initial hashed password r/4234
I still have the issue where after reboots I can't log in to my
machines without going through a horrible dance with booting a NixOS
installer and so on.

I suspect this has somethign to do with this initial hashed password
set here, but I was unable to verify what password I've actually set
up there, so I'm resetting it to a known string to verify my theory.

Change-Id: Ic9d495255ca48110920cf2df371946ac146dcd72
Reviewed-on: https://cl.tvl.fyi/c/depot/+/5865
Reviewed-by: tazjin <tazjin@tvl.su>
Autosubmit: tazjin <tazjin@tvl.su>
Tested-by: BuildkiteCI
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/users/tazjin/nixos/modules/home-config.nix b/users/tazjin/nixos/modules/home-config.nix
index 2445afbb5..6157f2850 100644
--- a/users/tazjin/nixos/modules/home-config.nix
+++ b/users/tazjin/nixos/modules/home-config.nix
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
     extraGroups = [ "wheel" "networkmanager" "video" "adbusers" ];
     uid = 1000;
     shell = pkgs.fish;
-    initialHashedPassword = "$6$d3FywUNCuZnJ4l.$ZW2ul59MLYon1v1xhC3lTJZfZ91lWW6Tpi13MpME0cJcYZNrsx7ABdgQRn.K05awruG2Y9ARAzURnmiJ31WTS1h";
+    initialHashedPassword = "$2b$05$1eBPdoIgan/C/L8JFqIHBuVscQyTKw1L/4VBlzlLvLBEf6CXS3EW6";
   nix = {