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6 hours r/5037 chore(3p/sources): Bump channels & overlayssterni2-9/+24
8 hours r/5036 docs(nix/nix-1p): Update to use final and prevvpfeiffer1-5/+7
8 hours r/5035 refactor(tvix/eval): introduce source::SourceCode typeVincent Ambo8-57/+105
21 hours r/5034 refactor(tvix/eval): remove unnecessary clones in compilerVincent Ambo4-151/+147
21 hours r/5033 refactor(tvix/eval): split observer traits in twoVincent Ambo3-18/+22
22 hours r/5032 feat(tvix/eval): use fancy error formatting in REPLVincent Ambo3-9/+16
22 hours r/5031 refactor(wpcarro/dotfiles): Move gitconfig into dotfilesWilliam Carroll1-0/+0
23 hours r/5030 feat(wpcarro/keys): Add kyokoWilliam Carroll1-0/+2
25 hours r/5029 feat(wpcarro/envrc): Add REPO_ROOTWilliam Carroll1-0/+2
30 hours r/5028 fix(tvix/eval): forward thunk error codes from inner errorsVincent Ambo1-1/+7
35 hours r/5027 feat(tvix/eval): implement `builtins.currentTime`Vincent Ambo1-2/+12
35 hours r/5026 refactor(tvix/eval): allow impure Value builtinsVincent Ambo2-10/+27
2 days r/5025 fix(ops/www): fix port templating for keycloakVincent Ambo1-1/+1
2 days r/5024 feat(tvix/eval): implement `builtins.any`Vincent Ambo3-0/+30
2 days r/5023 feat(tvix/eval): implement `builtins.all`Vincent Ambo3-0/+30
2 days r/5022 feat(tvix/eval): implement builtins.concatListsVincent Ambo3-0/+21
2 days r/5021 refactor(tvix/eval): implement IntoIterator for NixListVincent Ambo1-4/+9
2 days r/5020 fix(tvix/eval): do not fail when finalising non-capturing valuesVincent Ambo1-1/+6
2 days r/5019 feat(tvix/eval): implement tail-calling of __functor attributesVincent Ambo3-19/+39
3 days r/5018 feat(tvix/eval): Add passthru build for benchmark binariesGriffin Smith1-4/+16
3 days r/5017 chore(ops/whitby): use renamed 'kbdInteractiveAuthentication' optionVincent Ambo1-1/+1
3 days r/5016 chore(ops/whitby): use new keycloak HTTP port optionVincent Ambo1-1/+1
3 days r/5015 chore(tazjin/home): drop deprecated screen-locker optionVincent Ambo1-1/+0
3 days r/5014 chore(tazjin/camden): fix use of deprecated ACME optionsVincent Ambo1-7/+8
3 days r/5013 chore(nixery): use `ldflags` parameter instead of `buildFlagsArray`Vincent Ambo1-2/+5
3 days r/5012 chore(web/converse): cargo updatesterni1-241/+377
3 days r/5011 chore(grfn/xanthous/server): cargo updatesterni1-159/+192
3 days r/5010 chore(3p/rust-crates): chrono: 0.4.19 -> 0.4.22sterni1-3/+3
4 days