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2022-06-14 r/4238 refactor(3p): fetch impermanence via nivVincent Ambo5-15/+14
2022-06-14 r/4237 fix(tazjin/nixos): Disable localtimedVincent Ambo2-2/+5
2022-06-14 r/4236 chore(tazjin/tverskoy): Put / on ZFS instead of tmpfsVincent Ambo1-3/+2
2022-06-14 r/4235 chore(3p/sources): Bump channels & overlaysVincent Ambo1-15/+15
2022-06-13 r/4234 chore(tazjin/nixos): update initial hashed passwordVincent Ambo1-1/+1
2022-06-11 r/4233 fix(tazjin/zamalek): Stop NetworkManager meddling with DNS settingsVincent Ambo1-0/+1
2022-06-09 r/4232 fix(ops/besadii) test trigger.ref against configured branchÅsmund Østvold1-1/+1
2022-06-09 r/4231 feat(tazjin/nixos): install volumeiconVincent Ambo1-0/+1
2022-06-08 r/4230 chore(3p/sources): Bump channels & overlayssterni3-11/+11
2022-06-07 r/4229 fix(tools/checks): Minor typo fixVincent Ambo1-1/+1
2022-06-07 r/4228 feat(tvl-kit): Expose //tools/checks in tvl-kitVincent Ambo3-0/+3
2022-06-07 r/4227 refactor(ops/keycloak): Use tools.checks.validateTerraformVincent Ambo1-5/+5
2022-06-07 r/4226 refactor(ops/glesys): Use tools.checks.validateTerraformVincent Ambo1-8/+6
2022-06-07 r/4225 refactor(ops/buildkite): Use tools.checks.validateTerraformVincent Ambo1-8/+6
2022-06-07 r/4224 feat(tools/checks): Add factored-out Terraform config checkVincent Ambo1-0/+38
2022-06-06 r/4223 fix(tools/releases): Explicitly set release phase in filteredGitPushVincent Ambo1-1/+1
2022-06-06 r/4222 refactor(nix/buildkite): Optimise steps if builds are not enabledVincent Ambo1-1/+2
2022-06-06 r/4221 fix(nix/buildkite): Disable `depends_on` if build phase is not runVincent Ambo1-4/+15
2022-06-06 r/4220 feat(nix/buildkite): Allow toggling of individual phasesVincent Ambo1-6/+18
2022-06-06 r/4219 fix(ops/glesys): Remove now unnecessary workaroundVincent Ambo1-4/+0
2022-06-06 r/4218 test(ops/keycloak): Validate Terraform configuration in CIVincent Ambo1-2/+8
2022-06-06 r/4217 test(ops/glesys): Validate Terraform configuration in CIVincent Ambo1-2/+11
2022-06-06 r/4216 test(ops/buildkite): Validate Terraform configuration in CIVincent Ambo1-2/+11
2022-06-06 r/4215 feat(ops/buildkite): Import tvl-kit pipelineVincent Ambo2-0/+11
2022-06-06 r/4214 feat(ops/buildkite): Import main depot pipelineVincent Ambo2-0/+13
2022-06-06 r/4213 docs(ops/buildkite): Add documentation about this configVincent Ambo2-1/+25
2022-06-06 r/4212 feat(ops/buildkite): Bootstrap Buildkite Terraform configurationVincent Ambo4-0/+38
2022-06-06 r/4211 feat(ops/secrets): Add Buildkite API token for TerraformVincent Ambo2-0/+17
2022-06-03 r/4210 fix(3p/nixpkgs): pass the same args to stable as to unstable nixpkgssterni1-13/+17
2022-06-03 r/4209 fix(3p/nixpkgs): pass localSystem from depot to nixpkgssterni1-1/+8
2022-06-03 r/4208 fix(nix/emptyDerivation): Use system from readTree parametersVincent Ambo2-5/+4
2022-06-03 r/4207 feat: Add top-level system parameterVincent Ambo1-0/+2
2022-06-03 r/4206 fix(grfn/achilles): use parent envrc in direnvVincent Ambo1-0/+1
2022-06-03 r/4205 feat(nix/buildkite): Validate available phases in extra stepsVincent Ambo1-5/+13
2022-06-03 r/4204 fix(nix/buildkite): Forbid 'prompt' in build phase stepsVincent Ambo1-5/+11
2022-06-03 r/4203 refactor(nix/buildkite): Explicit support for build phasesVincent Ambo1-63/+108
2022-06-03 r/4202 refactor(nix/buildkite): Rename "post" steps to "release" stepsVincent Ambo2-4/+4
2022-06-02 r/4201 docs(nix/buildkite): Fix an out-of-date comment about chunk sizeVincent Ambo1-1/+1
2022-06-01 r/4200 fix(nix/buildLisp): resolve eval problem in ccl codesterni1-2/+2
2022-06-01 r/4199 feat(tools/magrathea): add repl commandsterni1-0/+5
2022-06-01 r/4198 feat(sterni/nix/misc): predicate to check if isRestrictedEvalsterni2-0/+19
2022-06-01 r/4197 chore(3p/sources): Bump channels & overlayssterni1-9/+9
2022-05-31 r/4196 chore(grfn/emacs): Remove racer bindingGriffin Smith1-1/+0
2022-05-31 r/4195 feat(grfn/system): Resuscitate roswellGriffin Smith15-55/+165
2022-05-31 r/4194 feat(j4m3s): add keysJames Landrein2-0/+10
2022-05-31 r/4193 chore(3p/lisp/cl-json): use quicklisp sourcesterni1-6/+1
2022-05-30 r/4192 fix(tazjin/nixos): Always install moreutils everywhereVincent Ambo1-0/+1
2022-05-30 r/4191 chore(tazjin/nixos): Cleanup of systemPackagesVincent Ambo1-4/+3
2022-05-30 r/4190 chore(3p/sources): Bump channels & overlayssterni2-10/+10
2022-05-29 r/4189 feat(nix-1p): Export subtree to GitHubVincent Ambo1-0/+15