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## Primitives & simple polymorphism
## Structs
## Nested structs!
-![nested structs](yants/screenshots/nested-structs.png)
+![nested structs](/about/nix/yants/screenshots/nested-structs.png)
## Enums!
## Functions!
# Usage
Yants can be imported from its `default.nix`. A single attribute (`lib`) can be
passed, which will otherwise be imported from `<nixpkgs>`.
+TIP: You do not need to clone my whole repository to use Yants! It is split out
+into the `nix/yants` branch which you can clone with, for example, `git clone -b
+nix/yants https://git.tazj.in yants`.
Examples for the most common import methods would be:
1. Import into scope with `with`: