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authorGriffin Smith <grfn@gws.fyi>2020-07-06T22·12-0400
committerglittershark <grfn@gws.fyi>2020-07-06T22·52+0000
commit9ec0f4d0c822b63c807ecf869299dc25836b6c03 (patch)
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parentaae3d25234cea89b69824a6ed8b7994350a32247 (diff)
feat(gs/keyboard): Integrate my layout with the depot r/1231
Integrate the keyboard layout for my Ergodox EZ, which is a layout for
QMK, with the depot, including exposing several cross-compilation
packages necessary to compile qmk for avr in third_party.

Change-Id: Idd43169a0a3cf0be2bd1a578fdaff70388a58bfc
Reviewed-on: https://cl.tvl.fyi/c/depot/+/947
Tested-by: BuildkiteCI
Reviewed-by: tazjin <mail@tazj.in>
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@@ -101,5 +101,6 @@ in lib.fix (self: {
   glittershark = with depot.users.glittershark; [
     (systemFor system.system.chupacabra)
+    keyboard.layout