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authorVincent Ambo <tazjin@google.com>2020-02-09T00·43+0000
committerVincent Ambo <tazjin@google.com>2020-02-09T00·43+0000
commit05ab6825b3451687fbaf6f8c987e94e616b6d4ff (patch)
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chore(web): Delete //web/tazblog r/499
Deleting this code feels strange. This project has been around for a
decade, and despite occasionally needing a bunch of tweaks it had aged
well and worked fine for a very long time.

I've reached a strange point where I don't really feel like using
Haskell anymore, and every interaction with this project in recent
years has been fighting dependency management tooling for Haskell, or
dealing with strange build problems.

The simple fact is that the service never really did anything other
than render Markdown dynamically, and at this point I can do that much
better with //tools/cheddar instead.

So, tazblog-hs, it's time to say goodbye. Rest in peace!
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@@ -25,5 +25,4 @@ in with pkgs; [
   third_party.lisp # will build all third-party libraries
-  # web.tazblog #  TODO(tazjin): Happstack build failure in nixos-unstable