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docs(nix/yants): Mention Yants subtree split in README
This subtree split makes it possible for people to clone only yants (similar to the kontemplate and journaldriver branches). The subtree continues the history of the old git repository.
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## Primitives & simple polymorphism
## Structs
## Nested structs!
-![nested structs](yants/screenshots/nested-structs.png)
+![nested structs](/about/nix/yants/screenshots/nested-structs.png)
## Enums!
## Functions!
# Usage
Yants can be imported from its `default.nix`. A single attribute (`lib`) can be
passed, which will otherwise be imported from `<nixpkgs>`.
+TIP: You do not need to clone my whole repository to use Yants! It is split out
+into the `nix/yants` branch which you can clone with, for example, `git clone -b
+nix/yants https://git.tazj.in yants`.
Examples for the most common import methods would be:
1. Import into scope with `with`: